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Our proud wiki is all about the bestselling book series by Erin Hunter! In this book series, a young cat named Rusty goes into the forest seeking wild cats. He soon gets what he wanted, and is offered to join a ThunderClan, one of the four clans of cats in the forest. He soon becomes Firestar, legendary leader of Thunderclan and saves the forest from Tigerstar, a traitor. In Warriors: The New Prophecy, six cats including Firestar's daughter go on a quest to find Midnight, a badger with the ability to talk to cats, foxes, and skunks. There, they learn that they must leave the forest because the "Twolegs" are invading their territory and are destroying it with their "monsters". In Warriors: Power of Three, a trio of cats including two of Firestar's grandsons, are chosen by Starclan* to save the forest. In Warriors: Omen of the Stars, the trio from Power of Three are looking for the fourth cat who Starclan said would win the "final battle" against the Dark Forest (a.k.a Lostclan). In Warriors: Dawn of the Clans, cats from a tribe in the mountains are starving, and half of them go on a quest to find new territories full of prey. Not much is known about the ending due to the third book not being published yet, but we're sure it will be just as good as the other seasons of Warrior Cats. Our wiki follows the epic adventures of the four generations of chosen cats, and the generation that started it all!

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